Telesurgery is the practice of delivering surgical care to a patient who is in a remote location relative to the surgeon.   The practice uses a robotic master-slave telepresence system and a high-speed communication link to deliver expertise where it is needed.  Telesurgery includes local teleoperation with the patient and surgeon in the same room or remote teleoperation where the surgeon can be anywhere- next door, across the globe, or delivering care from earth to space.





CAD image of the two Raven Arms     Raven II

In this NSF sponsored project, we collaborated with the Human Bionics Lab at U.C. Santa Cruz  to build seven surgical robots with open source software to facilitate research at several Universities.  


Raven II "Fact Sheet"                         Raven II Developers Blog                                   Coverage in The Economist

Telerobotic Interoperability and Plugfest 2009 - Despite the great diversity of teleoperator designs and applications, their underlying control systems have many similarities. These similarities can be exploited to enable interoperability between heterogeneous systems. We have developed a network data specification, the Interoperable Telerobotics Protocol, that can be used for Internet based control of a wide range of teleoperators.