Surgical Technology


Surgical Technology is the application of advanced technology to minimally invasive surgery (MIS) training and procedures. The research is focused on following trusts: surgical robotics, objective assessment of surgical performance, simulation, and the biomechanics of soft tissue that are related MIS procedures.

The research is conducted as part of a long term collaboration between the Biorobtics Lab and the Center of Video Endoscopic Surgery (CVES) at the University of Washington co-chaired by Mika Sinanan MD., Ph.D.


Active Projects    

CAD image of the two Raven Arms     Raven II

In this NSF sponsored project, we collaborated with the Human Bionics Lab at U.C. Santa Cruz  to build seven surgical robots with open source software to facilitate research at several Universities.  


Raven II "Fact Sheet"                         Raven II Developers Blog                                   Coverage in The Economist

RAVEN I Surgical RobotRaven I Surgical Robot System for Open and Minimally Invasive Surgery - The surgical robotic system includes two portable surgical robotic arms (7 Degrees of Freedom each) and is capable of teleoperation from a distance via Internet (wired & wireless). The system can be deployed in a hospital operating room setup as well as an operating room in harsh environment (e.g. desert). 

This is surgtrak.

SurgTrak - This system enables researchers and surgeons to track the complete motion of the da Vinci surgical robot without API access to the robot.  It was recently presented at the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons: SurgTrak at SAGES Here is the Poster.


Key Personnel:

Lee White

Thomas Lendvay


GEARS Survey (password required):

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This is the Global Health Simulator.

Global Health Simulator - Cricthyotomy training and performance evaluation for the developing world.  We are creating a low cost medical procedure simulator to train medical providers of the developing world how to perform life-saving treatments.


Key Personnel:

Lee White

Randy Bly

Daniela D'Auria

Blake Hannaford


Controls and System Identification - The on-going project to improve performance of the automation of soft tissue compression for robot-assisted surgery.





And many many more!


Previous Projects


Motorized Endoscopic Grasper (MEG) - The MEG is a 1 degree-of-freedom device that incorporates force and position sensors and is actuated by a DC motor.  The MEG measures biomechanical characteristics of soft tissues in-vivo and in- vitro.



RedDRAGON - The RedDRAGON is a system for measuring the kinematics and the dynamics of two endoscopic tools along with the visual view of the surgical scene during the course of a surgical procedure. The system can be used in three different modalities: animal model, physical model simulator, virtual reality simulator.



And many many more!