An Instrumented Minimally Invasive Surgical Tool: Design and Calibration

Roan, P. and Wright, A.S. and Sinanan, M. N. and Hannaford, B. (2011) An Instrumented Minimally Invasive Surgical Tool: Design and Calibration. Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, 8 (2). pp. 173-190.

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Minimally invasive surgical procedures have improved the standard of patient care by reducing recovery time, chance of infection, and scarring. A recent review estimates that leaks occur in 3% to 6% of bowel anastomoses, resulting in “increased morbidity and mortality and adversely affecting length of stay, cost, and cancer recurrence” (Kingham and Pachter 2009). Many of these leaks are caused by poor handling and ischemic tissue. <p>Detecting a change in temperature can indicate ischemic tissue. The optical absorption spectrum of a tissue can be used to detect tissue oxygen concentration and tissue ischemia. The electrical impedance of tissue changes as ischemia progresses. <p>This article describes the development of a minimally invasive surgical tool with integrated sensors for replicating ischemia detection measurements during routine manipulation of the tissue. To be useful, this tool should be feasible for use in a real operating room, providing real-time feedback and diagnosis to the surgeon. The design of the tool and choice of the sensors leverages existing work in physiological measure- ments and surgical tool design. <p>The tool includes a thermistor for measuring the temperature, four LEDs and a photodiode for measuring local optical absorption, and four electrodes for measuring the electrical impedance. The sensors are located on a 7 mm square sensor head, which is mounted to a minimally invasive grasper. A strain gauge and optical encoder monitor the applied force and position of the tool, and a motor controls both. This allows the tool to control the tool-tissue interface. Sensor accuracy has been validated through calibration.

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