The Design of a Ferrofluid Magnetic Pipette

Greivell, N.E. (1995) The Design of a Ferrofluid Magnetic Pipette. Masters thesis, University of Washington.

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New technological demands have motivated the search for methods of handling volumes of liquid smaller than 0.2 microliters. This thesis project addresses the problem of handling submicroliter liquid volumes smaller than 0.1 microliter. We have implemented a pipet utilizing ferrofluidics to handle submicroliter volumes. The slug of ferrofluid acts as the plunger as in a conventional mechanical pipet. To sample a small amount of fluid, the electromagnets are used to actuate a position change of the ferrofluid similar to conventional pipets which aspirate and dispense liquids by changing the position of the plunger. <p> Mathematical models used to estimate the performance of the pipet are presented in Chapter 2. These models form the theoretical basis of ferrofluidics and magnetism as it applies to the ferrofluid-magnetic pipet. Experimentally measured performance data and the comparison of the data with the model's prediction are also presented.

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