Hannaford, B. (2000) Telerobotics. In: Encyclopedia of Computer Science. McMillan.

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Telerobotics connotes the technology of robotics controlled at a distance by human beings. When a task involving physical exploration, manipulation, and sampling is too dangerous or impractical to be performed directly by a human being it may be suited to a telerobot. In such a system, the human operator is physically removed from the task, sends commands to the robot over a telecommunication system, and receives information about the status of the task and its environment. Teleoperation therefore involves augmenting, supervising, or substituting artificial intelligence and control functions of the robot with the intelligence and pattern recognition abilities of the human operator. <p> This article will describe some of the applications, challenges, and technologies of modern telerobotic systems while concentrating primarily on remote manipulation. Most of the ideas in this article will be applicable to other major segments of telerobotics, namely remote control of vehicles or mobile robots, and micromanipulation systems.

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