Force-reflection and shared compliant control in operating telemanipulators with time delay

Kim, Won S and Hannaford, B. and Bejczy, AK (1992) Force-reflection and shared compliant control in operating telemanipulators with time delay. Robotics and Automation, IEEE Transactions on, 8 (2). pp. 176-185.

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Shared compliant control has been incorporated into an advamced six-degree-of- freedom (6-DOF) force-reflecting telemanipulation system. With this system we have investigated the effect of time delay on human telemanipulation task performance. Time delays of between 2 and 4096 ms were introduced between master and slave arms, and high-precision peg-in-hole tasks were performed by six test operators with two modes of control: kinesthetic force feedback (KFF), and shared compliant control (SCC). Task performance was quantified in terms of the completion time (CT) and the sum of square forces (SOSF). In KFF, the operator feels forces and torques proportional to those sensed by the telerobot through the force-reflecting hand controller. Due to the instability problem, force reflection cannot be used at time delays above 0.5 to 1 s. By contrast, the force feedback loop in SCC resides entirely in the robot side, and the communication delay does not cause any stability problem. SCC enables the operator to control the telemanipulator having a compliant hand, which softens contact forces between the robot hand and objects. The experimental results demonstrate the superiority of SCC over KFF for time-delays telemanipulation. SCC has significantly lower rates of increase then KFF in both CT and SOSF with time delay. Only SCC enabled task performance at delays above 1 s, indicating that SCC is a promising and essential scheme for time-delayed manipulation. Constant force maintenance tasks were also performed to investigate the effect of time delay on the stability of force reflection. SCC also has beneficial effects on telemanipulation without time delay.

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Subjects: B Teleoperation > B Teleoperation (General)
Divisions: Department of Electrical Engineering
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Date Deposited: 04 Nov 2015 23:30
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