Development of Powered Prosthetic Lower Limb

Klute, G.K. and Czerniecki, J. and Hannaford, B. (1998) Development of Powered Prosthetic Lower Limb. In: Proc. 1st National Mtg, Veterans Affairs Rehab. R&D Service.

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(This publication is a poster)<br> Objective: Improve below-knee amputee gait by developing a powered prosthetic limb with muscle-like actuators to provide the missing propulsive force of the ankle musculature. <p> Research Plan: Develop actuators with muscle-like performance and incorporate them into a below-knee prosthetic limb. Once fabricated, we plan to test the hypotheses that such a device will: <p><ul> <li>(1) Reduce the metabolic costs of locomotion, <li>(2) Improve gait symmetry, and <li>(3) Reduce the perceived level of effort of amputee gait. </ul><p> Methods: Use non-linear finite element methods and computer models incorporating fluid flow effects to develop lightweight, energy efficient actuators whose force-length-velocity characteristics mimic that of biological muscle as exemplified by the Hill muscle model. <p> Findings: Eccentric and concentric test results for our current McKibben actuators reveal force-length characteristics similar to biological muscle. We seek to improve the velocity dependent characteristics by adding additional damping. Our computer models have led to specification of a miniature hydraulic damper whose force-velocity relationship is controlled by flow restricting orifices. Our work in progress includes fabricating and testing these new actuators. <p> Clinical Relevance: Many prosthetic users exhibit lack of endurance, non-symmetrical gait, and high levels of effort while walking at self-selected rates. A powered lower limb prosthesis is expected to provide measurable gains in performance observable in clinical practice. The end result is patients who can walk farther, faster, and with less effort when compared to conventional prosthetic devices. <p> This research was supported in part by Department of Veterans Affairs Center Grant A0806-C.

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