Haptic Feedback of Manipulator Kinematic Conditioning for Teleoperation

Maneewarn, T. (1999) Haptic Feedback of Manipulator Kinematic Conditioning for Teleoperation. Doctoral thesis, University of Washington.

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In teleoperation, problems can occur when a slave manipulator loses the ability to move or exert force in some directions/orientations due to its configuration. The configuration near and at a manipulator s kinematic singularity can cause failure in the control algorithm and may result in the loss of kinesthetic correspondence between the operator and the slave manipulator. Haptic interface is bi-directional and yields small response time. Therefore the manipulator kinematic conditioning information can be presented to the operator more effectively using haptic feedback than the conventional visual feedback during real-time teleoperation. Singularity force feedback (SFF) is proposed to be an interactive solution to the singularity problem. SFF exists only in the neighborhood of singularity. SFF is created to reduce the command velocity in the critical direction and to guide the command motion to the feasible direction near a singularity. A procedural scheme for assigning the appropriate value of the parameters in SFF calculation is established. The proposed SFF model is analyzed in term of stability, passivity and error convergence. Teleoperation experiment is performed to validate the concept of SFF. The results from the experiment demonstrate that haptic feedback can effectively convey information about kinematic conditioning of a slave manipulator to the operator in real-time teleoperation. The proposed SFF method can improve the kinematic performance of teleoperation near singularity.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Subjects: D Haptics
Divisions: Department of Electrical Engineering
Depositing User: Brady Houston
Date Deposited: 14 Jul 2015 18:53
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2015 18:53
URI: http://brl.ee.washington.edu/eprints/id/eprint/194

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