Tactile Data Entry for Extravehicular Activity

Adams, R.J. and Olowin, A.B. and Hannaford, B. and Sands, O.S. (2011) Tactile Data Entry for Extravehicular Activity. In: Proceedings, IEEE World Congress on Haptics, Istanbul, Turkey.

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In the task-saturated environment of extravehicular activity (EVA), an astronaut’s ability to leverage suit-integrated information systems is limited by a lack of options for data entry. In particular, bulky gloves inhibit the ability to interact with standard computing interfaces such as a mouse or keyboard. This paper presents the results of a preliminary investigation into a system that permits the space suit gloves themselves to be used as data entry devices. Hand motion tracking is combined with simple finger gesture recognition to enable use of a virtual keyboard, while tactile feedback provides touch-based context to the graphical user interface (GUI) and positive confirmation of keystroke events. In human subject trials, conducted with twenty participants using a prototype system, participants entered text significantly faster with tactile feedback than without (p = 0.02). The results support incorporation of vibrotactile information in a future system that will enable full touch typing and general mouse interactions using instrumented EVA gloves.

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