Comparison of Transient Performance in the Control of Soft Tissue Grasping

Yu, X. and Chizeck, H.J. and Hannaford, B. (2007) Comparison of Transient Performance in the Control of Soft Tissue Grasping. In: Proceedings of IROS 2007, San Diego, CA.

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In robot-assisted surgery, surgical tools interact with tissues that have nonlinear mechanical properties. For situations where a pre-specified trajectory of tool positions (or applied forces) is desired, there are many controller designs that might be used. Four candidates are comparatively evaluated here, via computer simulation involving a nonlinear model of soft tissue behavior during grasping actions. The parameters for this model were obtained experimentally (in earlier work). The four candidate controllers are: (1) a welltuned PID controller; (2) feedback linearization in combination with deadbeat control; (3) an optimal open-loop control law obtained via minimization of a quadratic cost function; and (4) a model predictive controller. Simulation trials are used to compare the transient performance of these candidate controllers under different assumptions regarding input and output noises. The conditions where each of the candidates is best are characterized. <P>Index Terms—Robot-Assisted Surgery, Transient Control, Trajectory Following, Soft Tissue Grasping, PID control, Feedback Linearization, Deadbeat Control, Model Predictive Control.

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Subjects: C Surgical Robots > CC Preventing Tissue Damage
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