Multi-finger Haptic Displays for Characterization of Hand Response

Hannaford, B. and Buttolo, P. and King, H. (2014) Multi-finger Haptic Displays for Characterization of Hand Response. In: The Human Hand: A Source of Inspiration for Robotic Hand: Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics (STAR) series,. Springer, Heidelberg., pp. 363-388.

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This chapter will describe some properties of multi-finger haptic interaction and two devices which support it. Multi-finger haptic interaction can involve many contacts with the environment, but can also involve only one contact point when mediated by a tool such as a pen. As multiple fingers interact with the environment, their individual biomechanics and their sensory properties interact to form the net mechano-sensory properties of the interaction. This chapter will look at such interactions in two particular cases, spatially varying stiffness of the pen grasp, and sensory thresholds of multi-finger versus single finger interaction with haptic features. To characterize the stiffness of the pen-like grasp in various directions, we describe experiments in which force steps (randomized in amplitude and direction) were applied to subjects’ pen-like tools in the plane tangential to the tip. From these, the stiffness ellipse could be identified. A dynamical model of the fingers positioned similarly to the user’s grasp was used to predict the stiffness ellipsoids with similar results. The ellipsoids were shown to be a function of the squeezing force with which the subjects performed the grasps. Much of the research on sensitivity and sensory thresholds is based on measurements with a single finger. We developed a multi-finger haptic device (MFHD) to allow two high quality degrees of freedom for each of four fingers in a natural pose. With this device we could compare the sensory thresholds between single finger and multiple finger haptic exploration.

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