Stability Guaranteed Control: Time Domain Passivity Approach

Ryu, Jee-Hwan and Kwon, Dong-Soo and Hannaford, Blake (2004) Stability Guaranteed Control: Time Domain Passivity Approach. IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, 12 (6).

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A general framework for expanding the time-domain passivity control approach to large classes of control systems is proposed. We show that large classes of control systems can be described from a network point of view. Based on the network presentation, the large classes of control systems are analyzed in a unified framework. In this unified network model, we define "virtual input energy", which is a virtual source of energy for control, and "real output energy" that is physically transferred to a plant to allow the concept of passivity to be used to study the stability of large classes of control systems. For guaranteeing the stability condition, the time-domain passivity controller for 2-port is applied. Design procedure is demonstrated for a motion control system. The developed method is tested with numerical simulation in the regulation of a single link flexible manipulator. Totally stable control is achieved under wide variety of operating condition and uncertainties without any model information.

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