An ankle-foot orthosis powered by artificial pneumatic muscles

Ferris, D.P. and Czerniecki, J.M. and Hannaford, B. (2005) An ankle-foot orthosis powered by artificial pneumatic muscles. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 21. pp. 189-197.

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Our goal was to develop a powered othosis for the lower limb that could comfortably provide external torque during human walking. We constructued the orthosis from a carbon fiber shell with hinge joint and two artificial pneumatic muscles. One artificial pneumatic muscle provided plantar flexion torque and one artificial pneumatic muscle provided dorsiflexion torque. We collected joint kinematic and artificial muscle force data as one healthy subject walked with the orthosis using proportial myoelectric control. Peak plantar flexor torque provided by the orthosis was 70Nm and peak dorsiflexor torque provided by the orthosis was 38Nm. Soleus and tibialis anterior EMG amplitudes changed in response to powered orthosis assistance. Future studies could use similar powered orthoses to study biomechanics and motor adaptation during human walking or to assist gait rehabilitiation after neurological injury.

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