Prof. Sam Burden and team (2017-2018 edition)

  • Benjamin Chasnov was appointed to the Computational Neuroscience Training Program in Sep. 2018
  • Liam Han defended his Masters thesis in Mechanical Engineering in June 2018. Liam’s dissertation was titled “Automating perturbation experiments for a hopping robot using a cable-driven impedance haptic system“. He is now working at Amyris as an automation engineer in Emeryville, CA.
  • Tianqi Li defended his Masters thesis in Mechanical Engineering in June 2018. Tianqi’s dissertation was titled “Experimental realization of deadbeat control on a hybrid model of legged locomotion“. He has started his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M in Fall 2018.
  • Alyssa Giedd and Clara Orndorff received the UWIN undergraduate fellowship in May 2018
  • Alyssa Giedd also received a CSNE UW Undergraduate Fellowship in May 2018
  • Momona Yamagami will be publishing a conference paper in Cyber-physical-human systems in Dec 2018 (Please click link for the abstract)
  • Momona Yamagami received a WRF Innovation Graduate Fellowship in Neuroengineering in Aug 2017

Fall 2017 Acheivements!

2017 Rudolph Kalman Best Paper Award – We are proud to announce that a paper co-authored by Prof. Howard Chizeck received the 2017 Rudolph Kalman Best Paper Award presented by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers this year. The paper titled “Electromechanical Modeling and Adaptive Feedforward Control of a Self-Sensing Scanning Fiber Endoscope” can be publicly accessed here. You can also find a news article about the award on the EE website.

EE Research Day Poster (1st Prize) – Andrew Haddock won a $5000 prize during the Electrical Engineering Research Day Poster session.

Ethics in Neural Engineering

CSNE just published an article about work in Neural Engineering done at the BioRobotics Lab. It introduces the importance of having conversations about Neuroethics and the role of our Philosophy Ph.D. student and CSNE member Tim Brown at the lab. Check out the article here.

An article co-authored by Ph.D. student Katherine Pratt on work done in neuroethics and neural security was published on The Conversation. You can read the article at this link.

Information for Interested Students

We would like to provide some helpful information for prospective students interested in research at the BioRobotics Lab.  Due to a high volume of interest in our lab, it may not be possible to get an individual response from one of our principal investigators or current graduate students.  Please read the appropriate page below FIRST, before sending an e-mail, and try to be as specific as possible with the name of the project you’re interested in working on.  Thanks!

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Volitional DBS control featured in Medtronic video


Medtronic has released a video featuring the work of Jeffrey Herron, Dr Howard Chizeck, and neurosurgeon collaborator Dr Andrew Ko.  Their new deep brain stimulation hardware can sense neural signals as well as stimulate.  Jeffrey has used their system to modulate stimulation and lay the groundwork for further volitional control.  Read the article here and watch the video below.